Suez Canal Zone GSM and Clasp

with Canal Zone Clasp
Naval GSM
with Canal Zone Clasp

The General Service Medal 1918-62 and the Naval General Service Medal 1915-62 have been awarded, with a new Clasp, for service in the Suez Canal Zone between 16th October 1951 and 19th October 1954.  Both the GSM and the Naval GSM are silver and circular in shape.

Although the reigning monarch changed during the Suez campaign, Queen Elizabeth II appears on the obverse of each medal issued for the Canal Zone because it was Queen Elizabeth that approved the award of the Clasp to the GSM 'Canal Zone'.

The reverse of the GSM bears the standing winged figure of Victory in a Greek helmet and carrying a trident, bestowing a wreath on the emblems of the Army (the sword) and the RAF (the wings).  The reverse of the Naval GSM bears the image of Britannia on two sea horses travelling through the sea, her left hand resting on the Union Shield and her right holding a trident.

The GSM Ribbon has a central stripe of green flanked by purple stripes and that of the Naval GSM has a wide central white stripe divided by two narrow crimson stripes and flanked by crimson edges.

The criteria to qualify is that one must have served in the Canal Zone or were within the territorial waters of Egypt and the Canal for a minimum of thirty consecutive days between 16th October 1951 and 19th October 1954.

Members of the Armed Forces based in the Suez Canal Zone.
Accompanying civilians who wore the appropriate uniform of their organisation.
Commonwealth and Colonial forces, subject to approval by their government.
Foreign nationals enlisted with any of the above categories.

Veterans are invited to apply in writing to the Ministry of Defence, Medal Office at the address below. Giving as much of the following information, as possible:

Full Name (at time of Service).
Service Number.
Regiment/Corps (Army/RM) or Branch/Trade (RAF and RN).
Date of Birth.
Date of Enlistment.
Date of Discharge.
Plus your Current Name and Address.

Next of Kin of Veterans who have died are also invited to apply, but it will be necessary to supply documentation supporting that fact.




MOD Medal Office
Building 250
RAF Innsworth
0800 085 3600 (Free)
+44(0)141 224 3600(Overseas)
0141 224 3586

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