Women's Land Army and Timber Corps Badge

The badge, is the first official recognition of the contribution made to the war effort by members of the Women's Land Army (WLA) and the Women's Timber Corps (WTC). Affectionately known as 'Land Girls' and 'Lumber Jills', they worked tirelessly to supply the nation with food and timber during the dark war years of World War II, they can now apply for a badge commemoratingtheir efforts. All surviving members of the Women's Land Army and the Women's Timber Corps will receive a special badge, shown above. The badge bears the Royal Crown and shows a gold wheat sheaf on a white background surrounded by a circlet of pine branches and pine cones to indicate the work of both the Land Army and the Timber Corps.

The Women's Land Army was formed at the outbreak of World War II to 'work on the land, freeing the male workers to go to war. By 1943 there were some 80,000 young women working in every aspect of agriculture to feed the nation. They wore a uniform of green ties, green jumpers and brown felt slouch hats and they worked from dawn to dusk each day, milking cows, digging ditches, sowing seeds and harvesting crops.

The Women's Timber Corps worked tirelessly in the forests to provide timber for the war effort, felling trees, sawing timber and sharpening saws.

Following the outbreak of peace the Women's Land Army remained in existence for some years doing vital jobs on the land until demobilisation was complete and was formally disbanded in 1950.

Who is eligible?

Members of the Women's Land Army and the Women's Timber Corps who served during either the First or Second World Wars are eligible to apply for a badge. Badges will be awarded to all surviving members, but will not be awarded to spouses or families of deceased members, except where death has occurred after 6 December 2007.

How to apply?

Members who wish to apply for a badge will need to complete a short application form. Applicants will need to supply their date of birth, approximate dates of service in the Women's Land Army or Women's Timber Corps, and the location at which they were stationed.

If you think you are entitled to the Women's Land Army and Timber Corps Badge you can apply by the following methods:



Defra Employment and Tenancies Team Area 8E, Millbank, c/o Nobel House
17, Smith Square

0207 238 1202

Follow Link:

Department for Environment, Food and Rural
Affairs: Defra - Women's Land Army

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